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North Korea’s Dear Leader Assassinated By A Japanese Yakuza?


Peter Tasker


Peter Tasker

That’s the theme of my most recent book, Maximum Target, published under the pseudonym of Martin Gower.

It is available here.

Some comments/reviews –

A hell of a book that I wish I’d written.” Robert Whiting, author of Tokyo Underworld.

A very imaginative and exciting tale about the worlds’ strangest and most dangerous country.” Bill Emmott, former editor of The Economist.

No one else has ever described the North Korean regime so succinctly as when Martin Gower called it a ‘lesson in how cruelty, deceit and the destruction of human potential could be systematized in the name of equality.’” Chuck Downs, former Pentagon official.

Nail-biting political intrigue seasoned with wickedly black humor.” Mark Schreiber, Japan Times.

Read the Dear Leader’s advice  to Colonel Gaddafi, as channeled  by Martin Gower in the Washington Times on April Fool’s Day 2011 .



Asia’s most dangerous flashpoint – North Korea. Mission impossible for three people – a Sartre-reading yakuza, a glamorous American activist and a shadowy agent of the regime. Let Martin Gower take you on a dizzying ride through the seething jungles of Mindanao, down the neon-splattered back-alleys of Tokyo,across the vast baking emptiness of Mongolia, and into the innermost chambers of the Dear Leader’s personal pleasure dome.