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North Korean Assassination: The Novel!


Peter Tasker


Peter Tasker

My 2013 novel Maximum Target has been re-released on Kindle and paperback.  This time it appears under my own name.

You can buy it here and also here.

Asia’s most dangerous flashpoint – North Korea. Mission Impossible for three people – a Sartre-reading yakuza, a glamorous American activist, and a shadowy North Korean agent.

Take a dizzying ride through the seething jungles of Mindanao, down the neon-splattered back-alleys of Tokyo, across the vast baking emptiness of Mongolia and into the innermost chambers of the Dear Leader’s personal pleasure dome…

Here are some of the nice things that people said about the book.

“A very imaginative and exciting tale about the world’s strangest and most dangerous country” – Bill Emmott, former editor of The Economist.

“A hell of a book that I wish I’d written” Robert Whiting, author of Tokyo Underworld.

“Careening manically from one end of East Asia to the other, Maximum Target serves up nail-biting political intrigue seasoned with wickedly black humour.” Mark Schreiber, The Japan Times.

“No-one else has described the North Korean regime so succintly as when the author called it ‘a lesson in how cruelty, deceit and the destruction of human potential could be systematized in the name of equality.'” Chuck Downs, former Pentagon official.

“From yakuza inner circles to the jungles of Mindanao to the Dear Leader’s personal luxury train, heaving with cognac, courtesans and nuclear launch codes, Maximum Target is an intelligent journey into Asia’s 21st century heart of darkness with a master storyteller at the controls.” Muhammad Cohen, Asia Times columnist and author of Hong Kong on the Air.

Why not make your own mind up? Remember, you can buy it here and also here.

Hurry while stocks last!



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2 Responses to North Korean Assassination: The Novel!