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Dragon Dance: Reloaded


Peter Tasker


Peter Tasker

My 2003 novel Dragon Dance has just been re-issued in digital form at the extraordinary bargain price of $3.91. That’s less than the price of a bowl of ramen at a stand-up eaterie in the middle of Shinjuku station.

Please buy it here. Or, possibly, here.

The story concerns the rise of a rock-star nationalist politician in Japan, set against a background of rising tensions between Japan, China and the United States and all-round skulduggery.

Not much has changed, then…

Kirkus Reviews praised the “superb local scenery.” called it “a fascinating mystery and a compelling tale.”

Publishers’ Weekly referred to “the sharp sense of the cultural mood of early twenty first century Japan.”

The Daily Yomiuri (remember them?) called it “an absorbing and visceral read.”

The Asahi Herald called it “an Orwellian vision.”

In the interests of objectivity, I should point out that Publishers’ Weekly also referred to “preposterous plot twists.” But there you go. You can’t please all the people all the time.

Why not buy it and make up your own mind?


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