Peter Tasker

Going Back To Tohoku

I scan my memory, jumbled and blurred by hangover, jetlag, lifelag. Got it – he’s a media figure, fronts up current…

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Yoshida’s fibs were meat and drink to foreign journalists eager to emphasize the uniqueness of Japan’s depravity…….

Japan’s Scottish Option

Was there a racist assumption that Japan was inherently more aggressive than the countries that produced the Nazis and Mussolini? Or…

The Dark Side of Womenomics

The genetic upper class would be tall, intelligent and creative, while the underclass would consist of tubby, dim-witted goblins….

Abe’s Moment of Truth

If Mr. Abe offered citizens a say in their own governance, it would be the first time since Japan’s mythical first emperor came ashore in 660 B.C….